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Flamingo Racing
Driver of the Buck truck.  400+hp, full time 4WD, no suspension.  Big fun to drive.  Baja Promotions '92
ADRA Black Mountain, circa 1989
Bought my 79CJ-7 with 14 miles.  Had it for 24 years.
Score Primm 2001, Former Adams/Smith Jeep Renault factory vehicle rebuild by Flamingo Racing after sitting since '86.  DNF'd 15 minutes over time,...
SCORE PIR 1991, CJ not built for the short course but still flew over the jumps.
SCORE Riverside 1989, Final sanctioned event at the racetrack.  RGordon, RHall & I heading into the grandstand turn.
HDRA Mint 400 1989.  The real course, in the rock garden.  DNF'd just short of 200M with hole in the radiator, overheated the 401.  No radio or GPS. ...
SCORE 1989 Parker 400.  California loop.  Les Erickson of Conejo Racing died while driving their CJ7 at this event.  He and Mike were wonderful men.

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