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Finally raced our 78 Bronco. Y.O.R.R Wild West 100

So I finally just said screw it and got all the necassary stuff done to to pass tech even though it wasn't "Finished". Raced in the Y.O.R.R. Wild West 100 Yesterday up in Montana and had a blast.
Truck ran great in Pre-Run on Friday aside from our front bump stops basically desintegrating. Found a pair in the pits that I fabbed up to work in a pinch.
Unfortunately, First lap on race day the fuel pump (I think) started to fail and carb wasn't getting enough fuel and limped back to the pits. Didn't have a spare fuel pump and decided to call it a day.
It was fun and got me excited to finish this project and get ready for another race next year.
SCORE in the future maybe, We'll work out the kinks locally till we do get it done.
Figured I'd share with anyone still on here.
That's not a leak.....that's just sweat from all that Horsepower.
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